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Hi everyone!

My name is Sandra and I am PhD on Experimental Sciences and Sustainability (Geography) with international mention and Suma Cum Laude (2014), and Extraordinary PhD Environment Award (2015) by the Universitat de Girona. MsC (Hons) on Environment by the UdG (2008-2009). Degree (Hons) in Geography by the UdG (2003-2008). Predoctoral Research Grant at Universitat de Girona (Geography Department, Environment and Geographic Information Technologies, 2009-2013). Visiting researcher at the Laboratory Société Environnement et Territoire (ISRAM, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour), and at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Landscape and Agroenergy (Universitá degli Studi di Milano). I was member of the EUWATHER project team (coordinated by the Università Ca’Foscari Venezia, ERA-NET + action JPI Cultural Heritage, 2015-2017) and also member of the IRRIGEU proposal team (MINECO grant, Ref: EUIN2013-A-50901, and INIA grant, Ref: AC2014-0028-00-00). From January 2017, I am member of the Interuniversity Institute of Geography and Water and Territory research group at the University of Alicante (Juan de la Cierva 2015 Research Fellow. Ref: FJCI-2015-24346), developing the SIMAGO project (Engaging Stakeholders for improving multi-functional Irrigation systems MAnagement and GOvernance). From February 2017, I also collaborate in the PLUVIRESMED project (Use of non conventional water resources and adaptation to droughts in Mediterranean coastal areas) (Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Alicante, CICYT 2015. Ref: CSO2015-65182-C2-1-P).

I published some chapter books about ecosystem services and irrigation multifunctionality (Partridge Publishing, Nova Science Publishers, Éditions Quae) and papers in indexed journals like Journal of Rural Studies, The Professional Geographer, Natural Resources Forum, Utilities Policy, International Journal of Water Resources Development, Water, Land Use Policy, Environmental Policy and Governance, Journal of Geography and Earth Sciences, International Journal of Research and Education Methodology, Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences, among others. I am associate editor of the International Journal of Geography and Environmental Management and reviewer of some international and national indexed journals: Modern Environmental Science and Engineering; Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment; International Journal of Geosciences; Land Use Policy; Sustainability; Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems; Environmental Processes; African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology; Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, AIMS Environmental Science, Environment Development and Sustainability, Natural Resources Forum, and Land (MDPI), among others.

I have been involved on international congresses like 1º International Forum on Tourism and Heritage 2016; International Conference on Global Tourism and Sustainability 2016; ARIMNET2 Young Researchers Seminar 2016; International Conference in Irrigation and Drainage 2015; 1º International Conference on Redrafting Water Governance 2015; 5th
International Symposium for Farming Systems Design 2015; International Conference in Waterscapes as a Cultural Heritage 2015; and Congress on Industrial and Agricultural Canals 2015, among others.

I have participated in the proposition of national and European projects submitted to H2020 and ERANET joint calls since 2013. I am expert evaluator and rapporteur of H2020 5SC 2015 calls (EASME) and ERANET WaterWorks 2015-2020 joint call.

I collaborate with the iAgua project as blogger and I have been involved in more than 45 MOOCs from EU and US universities.

More about me


Sandra Ricart Casadevall
PhD on Experimental Science and Sustainability

Juan de la Cierva Postdoc Fellow at Water and Territory research group 

Interuniversity Institute of Geography

University of Alicante

Email: sandra.ricart@ua.es

Environment and Geographic Information Technologies research group

University of Girona

Email: sandra.ricart@udg.edu

Skype/twitter: sanriccas
iAgua blog



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